#utah2014: Part 2

Whew! What. A. Week. You know, I intended to put these posts up closer to one another time-wise. But then life happened, as it always does. And now two weeks have gone by since we got back from vacation and you’re probably all, “Oh, this is old news.” Which it is. In fact, it seems… Continue reading #utah2014: Part 2

#utah2014: Part 1

For several years now I’ve wanted to visit Utah. Like most people I’ve shared this dream with, you’re probably behind your computer mouthing the word, “Why?” But after visiting this awe-inspiring state, I have to respond with a very enthusiastic, “Why not?!” Utah’s state slogan is “Life elevated,” which is totally apt, but I think,… Continue reading #utah2014: Part 1

Edmonton part deux: Heritage Days

Since Chris and I began dating, there is one thing he hasn’t been able to shut up about, and that thing is Heritage Days. Heritage Days, which is actually called Heritage Festival according to the internet, is a weekend-long cultural celebration featuring 60 pavilions representing over 85 countries. But mainly it’s about stuffing your face… Continue reading Edmonton part deux: Heritage Days

Budget Vacation Destination: Vancouver

As I mentioned in my last post, we’re on vacation. Also, we’re kind of poor. And I mean that in the most first-world kind of way. So smite me. Anyway, in our attempt to spend minimally while on vacation (which is practically impossible, I might add, because, like, what else are we going to do… Continue reading Budget Vacation Destination: Vancouver