#utah2014: Part 2

red rock
Whew! What. A. Week.

You know, I intended to put these posts up closer to one another time-wise. But then life happened, as it always does. And now two weeks have gone by since we got back from vacation and you’re probably all, “Oh, this is old news.”

Which it is.

In fact, it seems like forever ago that I was in Utah. But then I look at my photos and it’s like I’m right there, surrounded by the rich, red landscape, scenery that goes on for miles and miles, and rock formations that look like something from another planet.

So even though Chris and I are back at the grind, we still have the photos the memories that come with them. And we’d like to share them with you, so enjoy!

red rock 2^^Arches National Park

balancing rocks^^Teeny weeny little inukshuk.

stairs^^Stairway to heaven?

arch^^Can you see the wee man in there? Size to scale.

dead horse^^Dead Horse Point.

om^^I wanted to get right to the edge. Chris opted to take photos from about 20 feet from the edge. Did I mention he’s afraid of heights?

dead horse 3^^Can I just crawl into one of those holes and live there?

succulentOooo! A succulent in its natural habitat!

amy canyonlands^^Canyonlands.

canyonlands^^I wonder how many boxes of Lucky Charms would fit in there …

fence^^Chris took this one–he’s artsy like that.


One thought on “#utah2014: Part 2

  1. Thank you love for posting these lovely shots. Was wondering what had happened to them but then, you had a horrible cold so you are forgiven. Hope that you are feeling better now and eating lots of red meat!! What do you think of all of the FB pics of last weekend? Hope you like them. Dad’s turned out really well – ours were not so good as we were shooting towards the bright windows. A learning experience!! LOL! Love to Chris. Love you. xoxo

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