Edmonton part deux: Heritage Days

20140805-184502-67502535.jpgSince Chris and I began dating, there is one thing he hasn’t been able to shut up about, and that thing is Heritage Days.

Heritage Days, which is actually called Heritage Festival according to the internet, is a weekend-long cultural celebration featuring 60 pavilions representing over 85 countries. But mainly it’s about stuffing your face with as many varieties if ethnic food, which just so happens to be my biggest talent. So, like, I really excelled at Heritage Days.

The best thing about Heritage Days (and this is according to me, who posts on the Internet, and therefore am the Internet) is so many carbs filled with cheese. Perogies, empanadas, pupusas, more perogies–it’s an emotional eater’s dream!

And did you know that almost every culture has it’s own version of a donut? Dough, deep fried and smothered in a sugary powder, syrup, or sauce. I told Chris to take a picture of me fake-snorting the powdered sugar, except this fucked up part of my head was actually not kidding. I wanted that powdery sugar inside me.

It was awesome.

But Heritage Days isn’t just about the food. In addition to an array of tasty items, one can purchase unique goods sourced from each country, such as alpaca socks from Nepal, and many pavilions also have entertainment including singing, dancing, and martial arts.

My fave performance of the day had to have been Mob Bounce, a hip hop duo performing at the aboriginal pavilion. Powerful lyrical content combined with head-bobbing beats combined with strong cultural influences. You know when you hear something new and different and it’s kind of, err, sexy? Just wow.

Anyway, here are some pics from the big event. Sorry there aren’t more, but my hands were constantly covered in an oily sugary film.













2 thoughts on “Edmonton part deux: Heritage Days

  1. This doughnut looks very much like an “Elephant’s Ear”. First time I had one was in Portland, Oregon at a fairground. Also had them at the PNE. Yummers!!!! Love you. xo

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