Ten Things Thursday: fave blogs

I know, I ask you guys to read a lot of ridiculous stuff. Case in point.

But I can do better. And by that, I mean I can tell you to read stuff that isn’t written by me. Because, let’s face it, sometimes I’m annoying (but in a totally endearing cat-walking-all-over-the-keyboard kind of way, right?).

So here are my top 10 favourite blogs. To make it onto this super prestigious list, each blog must be either a) side-splittingly funny b) relentlessly witty c) brimming with pretty photos d) hunger inducing or e) a combo pack. And, in fact, most are all the above–so check ’em out already!

1. A Beautiful Mess – This site has evolved into so much more than a blog. It’s food, photography, fashion, home decor, DIY, and so much more. In fact, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m currently taking A Beautiful Mess’s Blog Life course. I highly recommend it for bloggers looking to go pro. Also, check out their new app, Party Party–totally bomb.

2. Best & Worst (and a baby) – For those who realize child-rearing isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Occasionally it is, and occasionally it’s walking around, unshowered, muttering obscenities under your breath. I don’t have children, and yet even I find it entertaining. Perhaps it’s thanks to posts like this one.

3. Dirtberta – I think the name says it all. Well, not exactly, because with all the stellar photography, David actually makes Alberta look pretty damn fantastic. I’m especially digging this post on the Calgary Stampede–although I’m a little disappointed: no cowboys donning assless chaps.

4. eat.sleep.wear – Kimberly of eat.sleep.wear shows that the latest trends can be chic AND comfortable. Often pairing flowy, feminine pieces with sporty attire or distressed jeans with spiky pumps, Kimberly’s approach to fashion is accessible and totally wearable. Plus, her hair is, like, solongandbeautiful.

5. Hungry Girl por Vida – Amazeballs food styling. Like, check out this, and this, and this. Also, I’m pretty sure, like, every second post this woman does is ice cream is some form, which is an automatic 5/5.

6. Leah Stella Payne – A wonderful resource for home decor, skin care, and greening your life. Oh, and organizing–she’s a little OCD, methinks.

7. Mini Penny – Kudos to a girl who can pull off a lavender undercut–like, wow. And the content: edgy, beautifully styled, and full of unique features. My fave regular feature is Silver Screen Style, where Jessie draws fashion inspiration from cult favourites. Check out this one for Empire Records, or this one for The Lost Boys.

8. My New Roots – Proving that food can be both healthy and delicious, this blog is my go-to for fresh, nutrient-dense recipes. My all-time fave is Sexy Spring Rolls, which has become a regular in my recipe arsenal.

9. Olsens Anonymous – What can I say? It’s a guilty pleasure …

10. smitten kitchen – I’ve made the Roasted Tomato Soup about 5 million times. And the Whole Wheat Raspberry Ricotta Scones are totally bomb.

So that’s all, folks. Am I missing some true gems from this list? Let me know!


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