Budget Vacation Destination: Vancouver

fish manAs I mentioned in my last post, we’re on vacation. Also, we’re kind of poor. And I mean that in the most first-world kind of way. So smite me.

Anyway, in our attempt to spend minimally while on vacation (which is practically impossible, I might add, because, like, what else are we going to do out of boredom but spend money?), we decided to take a trip into Vancouver via the West Coast Express.

For those of you who don’t know what the West Coast Express is, it’s a commuter train that transports suburbanites into the city. It runs Monday to Friday with several trips heading west in the morning and several heading east in the evening. It’s really quite nice–comfy seats, air conditioning, outlets for electronics. As my cousin once said, compared to the Sky Train, the West Coast Express is so … civilized.

Upon arriving at Waterfront Station in Vancouver, we headed to Café Medina for a tasty breakfast. While not terribly economical, Café Medina has been on my bucket list for a while, so we splurged. I got the Tagine and Chris got the Cassoulet. I’ll be honest, if we were to go again I’d probably get the Cassoulet, which Chris so graciously gave me a taste of. The Tagine was good, but the flavours were quite intense, so I found it to be a bit much after several bites. The Cassoulet, on the other hand, was exactly what you want in a morning meal: hearty, meaty, and covered in gooey egg yolk.

After breaky, we sauntered over to Chinatown to explore and take photos. At one point a rogue pigeon popped up from behind a fruit stand and scared the shit out of Chris. It was the best.

Then we went to the Vancouver Art Gallery to get our art fix. Despite what my dad thinks, art galleries are not where you stare thoughtfully at a blue smear across canvas and discuss its societal impact. I mean, I guess they could be. But for me the art gallery is a place to just lose myself in the minds of the artists. For just $120 Chris and I got an annual family membership. We worked it out that we’d only have to go three times to make it worth it, which we can easily do in a year. If you can make it before September 1, I highly recommend checking out the Douglas Coupland exhibit–totally mind-blowing!

So, without any further ado, here are a few photos from our adventure. I’m toying with using and not using captions. I prefer the look of no captions, but maybe you guys want to know what you’re looking at? Please let me know which you prefer–cheerio!

don't walk
chinatown building
morphine is fun
chinese medicine
the brain
little boxes
shadow music

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