Budget Vacation Destination: Birch Bay

legsYou know what’s amazing? Being on vacation. For the past four days, I’ve gotten paid to eat ice cream; watch hours upon hours of Brooklyn 99, Hannibal, Rectified, and Suits; and nap. Oh sweet midday siestas, how I’ve missed you.

Yep, paid vacation is the figurative shit. Can you believe I haven’t indulged in a true vacation in over 2 years? Like, what was I thinking? As a coping mechanism, I even convinced myself that I enjoy working. Pff.

However, even though my job allows me some pretty substantial vacation time, I’m slightly financially challenged. A.K.A. I’m broke. Oh the life of a twenty-something professional in the Lower Mainland–can’t afford to buy a house, but will shell out $5 for a bundle of organic kale.

So my vacation challenge is this: trick my brain into believing I’m indulging in a lavish vacation whilst spending as little as possible. One easy way of doing this is simply crossing the border into Washington. But–and this is the key–rather than visiting the usual cash-grabs (the mall, the outlets, Ross), head to the quaint beach town of Birch Bay.

In just over an hour, we got sun, sand, and a cool, salty breeze. And when we got hungry, we drove a short 20 minutes into Bellingham for a tasty dinner at one of the local breweries.

Check it out for yourself.

beach^^Is this real life?

dan^^Looking for crabs.

crab^^Such a pretty little crabby!

crab belly^^Apparently it’s a boy. #crabgenitalia?

me-chris 2^^Insert caption here.

c shop^^”C” stands for candy. And also … nevermind.

candy^^I like sugar.

dan-chris^^Can you guess which one is eating the green apple and gummy bear flavoured ice cream? Hint: it’s not the 12-year-old.

door^^This house is the colour of my fave Crayon shade: Dandelion Yellow!

purple flowers^^Colours like these. Dying.
purple flowers 2^^And again. Seriously.

pipes^^Fave combo: man-made materials and nature.

chuckanut^^Old buildings and breweries.

kegs^^Kegs on kegs on kegs.


4 thoughts on “Budget Vacation Destination: Birch Bay

  1. Spent many mini-vacations in Birch Bay (sometimes with you and Simon in tow) when we had a membership in a beautiful campground. Love Birch Bay. Still miss our lovely 5th wheel! Boo-hoo!!! Love you. xoxo

  2. Birch Bay is great! Well, the beach is. Glad you went to Bellingham to eat. We had some really sketchy mussels there.
    Also, just started watching Suits—pretty obsessed at the moment.

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