Food Cart Fest part trois & my top 5 picks

food trucksSome people go to church on Sundays. I go to Food Cart Fest.

As you’ve probably deduced from the title, this is my third trip to Food Cart Fest (FCF, as I like to call it). Although today started out a little rainy, it ended up being the perfect day for FCF–slightly overcast with a nice breeze. Which is nice, because last year I got the worst-slash-most-epic denim vest burn of my entire life.

If you haven’t been to FCF yet, then I suggest you stop being such a loser and go. And when you do, make sure to check out my top 5 picks.

1. Potato & Cheddar perogies, Holy Perogy
2. Truffle-Lemon Hashbrown Skewer, Yolk’s
3. Turmeric Tonic, The Juice Truck
4. Fish Taco, Tacofino
5. Beet Fries, Le Tigre

What’s your fave FCF find? Leave it in the comments–I wanna know! And for you visually inclined folks, here are some photos from today’s FCF.

me^^Yeah, I’m excited.

chris^^Those cheekbones though!

carol and shane^^Good company.

chicken and waffles^^Shane’s Chicken & Waffles from Yolk’s

chicken karage^^Sweet & Spicy Chicken Karage from Mogu.

juice^^This cancels out all the deep-fried food, right?

reef truck^^Decor on the Reef truck.

ice cream sandwich package^^Homemade ice cream sandwiches? Yes, please!

ice cream sandwich^^”I’ll take a Strawberry Blonde, please.” Jealous?

puppy^^Token cute dog picture.

ping pong^^You know, to work all the calories off.

honey bee^^I’ll be your honeysuckle, you’ll be my honeybee.

baby ducks^^And a baby animal picture because baby animals.

tracks^^Uhhh …

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