Ten Things Thursday: why Edmonton is (so far) the least sucky city in Alberta


Remember that time my boo and I went to Drumheller? And all but the dinosaurs and the company were pretty lame-o? Well last weekend I went to another part of Alberta. And guess what? It didn’t suck balls.

Yes, it’s true, while other (smarter) Canadians were travelling to sun-drenched tropical locations, I was, yet again, going to the glorious province of Alberta.

Now, I must say that upon arriving at Edmonton Airport, the sun was shining gloriously, so I’m not being totally facetious. And I could only see my breath a bit. So, actually, compared to the crap weather we see in Vancouver this was actually a welcome change.

That is until I wore my shiny new runners on a walk. People on the prairies call it the thaw (I think it’s pronounced with extra emphasis on the awwww), and it is filthy–rocks and mud and general muckiness just, like, laying there. On the ground. And subsequently on my shoes. I really have it tough.


But seriously, Edmonton was pretty awesome, for many reasons, of which I will document 10.

1. the Art Gallery of Alberta. Because art galleries in general are the shit. Because artists are batshit crazy innovative and make interesting things to look at. Take this jar of baby dolls.

20140410-075516.jpgOr this display of other jars with things in them.
Colours. I like colours.


2. Whyte Ave. Because secretly I wish I was a hipster, but just can’t get on board with wearing scrunchies again. Also, this is the street where I picked up these spicy salt and pepper shakers. Rabbits are sluts.


3. Old school charm. So many of the houses in the area we stayed in were at least 80 years old. My boyfriend’s parents’ house, for example, was built in the 20s, and its layout is so unlike any home I’ve been in. It’s crammed with at least a dozen little rooms, each with its own specific purpose–much different than the current open-concept trend. I imagine that many rooms would make for a wicked game of hide and seek (except that the creaky floors might give you away).

4. Anthropologie. I know, this is a bit of a cop-out since Anthropologie is not unique to Edmonton by any means. HOWEVER, it was the first time I’d ever been in the store, and let me tell you, the angels fricken sang. And they didn’t sing some biblical shit. No, they sang motherfuckingbeyonce. Like, seriously, when I die I want to be buried in an ornate, teal coloured, silk paisley-lined coffin made to look like it’s an antique but is obviously brand new from Anthropologie.

5. the Harry Potter Exhibit, which was held over an extra week at the Telus World of Science because, obviously, I was coming to Edmonton. Sorry, no pictures, though, since all photography was banned.

6. family time. Awww. Not only did Chris get to see his family, whom he hadn’t seen since Christmas, but also I got to meet the fam for the first time. And if I managed to somehow pull off hiding my nerves, the giant cold sore that I got the day after arriving surely gave me away. Gross, right?

7. this sandwich from Mill Creek Cafe. Fresh roasted turkey, brie, and sliced pears between their homemade vegan bread and grilled until melty.
O. M. G.


8. sunshine. I am a sunshine whore, and apparently Edmonton is one of the sunniest cities in the country. (Although this could be a lie my boyfriend told me in an attempt to make it sound like a more appealing destination.)

9. this sign. Clearly I’m running out of things to like about Edmonton.


10. this guy–the whole reason i visited Edmonton. I must really like him. But he’s yet to clean my runners.


Aren’t you writhing with excitement to visit Edmonton yourself now?

3 thoughts on “Ten Things Thursday: why Edmonton is (so far) the least sucky city in Alberta

  1. Bahaha…Amy you made me laugh out loud at work….not any easy task! I loved it all. Probably won’t be going to Edmonton by choice anytime soon but I am intriqued.

    Who’s the bad friend that has never introduced you to Anthropologie before?!?!

    Sorry about that…

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