You went where on vacation?

Last weekend, the Remembrance Day long weekend, we went on vacation.

Because Chris and I work together, and our relationship isn’t exactly publicly known, we’re weary of booking time off together for fear of being “found out.” Because of this, we are kinda limited to taking mini vacays somewhat locally.

So we went to Drumheller.

In November.

(Queue confused-looking faces here.)

As you may recall from previous posts, I have this weird obsession with velociraptors. I mean, how could I not? They were intelligent pack animals who would rip your face off out of hunger. A.K.A. my spirit animal.

Fact: Drumheller is known as “the dinosaur capital of the world.”

Therefore, Amy loves dinosaurs + Drumheller is the dinosaur Mecca = even still confused faces as to why we would go to Drumheller in November.


Anyway, our trip started in the quaint town of Abbotsford where we showed up to the airport 12 hours early because we thought our flight was in the morning but was actually in the evening. Yes, this actually happened.

Then we got shuffled around by a helpful-slash-über condescending airline agent (whom I both thank but also want to punch in the box), so that we could fly into Edmonton, kill a few hours, and then fly into Calgary.

Then I threw away our boarding passes because I thought they were garbage.

Then Chris swore at me for the first time in our relationship because I threw away the boarding passes. It went like this: “Fuck, Amy, I gave them to you.” And I was all like, “No, I think you have them.” Which of course he didn’t, because I threw them in the garbage.

Then he looked through the garbage and found them, and I apologized profusely.

Awww our first fight!

Then we flew into Edmonton and killed four hours learning how to play sequence (which is a sweet game, by the way), drinking Starbucks, and napping.

Finally we arrived in Calgary at around 530, and thus began our trek to the badlands. I will spare you from the play-by-play, and instead share with you guys some of my fave pics.

20131117-121033.jpg Layover in Edmonton.

20131117-121127.jpg Action shot!

20131117-121222.jpg I think a hashtag is appropriate here: #nofilter

20131117-121318.jpg He’s all mine, ladies.

20131117-121414.jpg Can someone please find some dino DNA in a mosquito and make Jurassic Park a reality already??

20131117-121527.jpg You pushin’ up on me, man?

20131117-121611.jpg Rawr.

20131117-121654.jpg Shrimp.

20131117-121814.jpg You know what they say about dinosaurs with long necks, right?

20131117-121909.jpg But seriously, what about what they say about dinosaurs with big feet?

20131117-122050.jpg This is his “Oh my god, I’m getting eaten by a dinosaur!” face. I’m not convinced.

20131117-122225.jpg Hoodoos.

20131117-122303.jpg Goof.

20131117-122427.jpg Again with the #nofilter. Simply stunning.

20131117-122519.jpg Eww, right?

6 thoughts on “You went where on vacation?

  1. Pretty awesome Amy; wicked pictures of the Bandlands! Nice to know there’s other supposed crazies out there that would chose such an apparently brizzare winter vacation locale.

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