On maintaining individuality in a relationship, plus a few photos from the weekend

I’ve been in one of those relationships. You know, the kind where you fall into the trap of hanging out with each other all the time out of pure laziness. When you don’t even really enjoy hanging out with each other, but that’s just what you’ve done for the past 1,000 days of your life, and so what else are you going to do?

Uhhh wake the eff up and quit being such a stick in the mud? Yah, methinks so, too.

But here’s the thing: it is so goddamn easy to fall back into that trap in a new relationship. Not only do you want to spend all of your time with this person, but also when other factors are considered (such as the fact that my boyfriend lives an hour’s drive away but doesn’t have a car), then it’s easy to let a date night turn into a 72-hour date marathon.

And while I’m really quite fond of this new guy in my life, I find myself becoming increasingly anxious the less time I have to myself. Something I discovered while being single for five months was that I actually really like being alone.

But then this sneaky bugger swoops in undetected and I’m all of a sudden someone’s girlfriend again. Don’t get me wrong, this guy is amazing. But that doesn’t mean I have to surrender every single moment to being with him or thinking about him or planning the rest of my life around him.

So we’re trying out this new thing; it’s called seeing each other because we want to and not because it’s the easiest option. It’s called maintaining and celebrating our individuality while building a foundation of love rather than convenience. It’s called giving enough of a shit about ourselves and each other to not sabotage a future together because making an effort in the present is sometimes exhausting.

I think it’s called being in an adult relationship. Weird.

So while I was off celebrating my individuality this weekend, I snapped a few photos.  I hope you like them.

Did you see this sunset? It was what I imagine gazing into the eyes of Ryan Gosling would be like. Sunset
I probably blinded this guy in his eight eyes trying to get a non-blurry photo. Sorry, Mr. Spider! Also: stay the eff outta my house, goddammit!
Moss: my new favourite colour.
The pier in White Rock.
They were all, “Oh, those boats over there? No, mine is way bigger.”
keri and leah
Aww Dave loves Lois! And if he breaks up with Lois, Dave could also date someone named Lola, because it’s pretty ambiguous.
dave and lois
Miles and miles. Kilometres and kilometres just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
white rock
Bitches be cray. (Sage advice also carved into the pier handrails.)
3 musketeers
When I die, I want to be buried in a coffin filled with mint-chocolate chip gelato.
** All photos taken with my trusty Canon S110.

8 thoughts on “On maintaining individuality in a relationship, plus a few photos from the weekend

  1. Like the new blog. The Royal family used to send the kids off to another country for six months or so to make sure that the person they were dating was really the one they wanted. Sometimes it worked……..other times it didn’t!! Pics are great. Happy to see your Canon ad!! Love you. xo

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