Ten Things Thanksgiving

It’s a day late, but here are 10 things I’m thankful for.

1. this guy, for telling me I’m beautiful even when I feel like a total gremlin

2. my ma, for being so damn funny all the time (according to her)

3. the ice age, because I like my dinosaurs dead and bone-like, not all up in my grill

4. blenders, for making my four months of singledom bearable (I’m sorry, but cooking for one is only slightly less depressing than that time I totally didn’t eat a brownie, an entire bag of pop chips and a grande caramel macchiato in a span of 11 minutes.)


5. Phil Collins (no, seriously)

6. all of the food

7. my personal trainer, without whom number 6 would become a serious problem (also, my abs are pretty good)

8. my best girl friends: Carol, Jess, B, Nik, Carmen, Leah, and Keri, for indulging me with your laughter at my jokes, never judging me for my occasional poor choices, and not disowning me despite my habit of “going for a walk” at 2am when I get too drunk, missing your phone calls, and voicing my disdain for anything bridal or baby shower related

9. baby animals

10. general good fortune: got me a good job, a beautiful home, a healthy family, and an able body–lucky me!


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