On surviving the winter blues. Plus, a few photos from last weekend.

During the summer, I feel as close to myself as I ever do. But when the weather starts to change, the days become shorter, and the sun shines less frequently, I begin to worry.

See, for many years I struggled with depression. In fact, I still do, but to a much lesser degree. And the time of year when it’s always the worst is when it’s rainy, dreary, and cold–so, like, 11 months out if the year in Vancouver.

Fortunately, I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past few years, and have not only been medication free for several years, but have also figured out a) my triggers and patterns, and b) things I can do to counteract the depression.

I won’t get into the triggers and patterns, but I will share a few of my coping mechanisms.

-walks with music
-reaching out to friends and family, even with texts
-exercising, and on the opposite side if the spectrum …
-being lazy and watching crap tv
-saying nice things to myself up in the mirror
-singing at the top of my lungs
-showering, putting on makeup, doing my hair, and putting on clothes not made out of Lycra
-taking photos to remind myself of all the things I have to be thankful for

Speaking of … Here are a few photos from the long weekend. And by long weekend I mean my long weekend because I took Monday off 😛

20131002-202826.jpg Red Velvet Cake tea latte from David’s Tea. Ya, it’s a thing.

20131002-203029.jpg This guy. Stud.

20131002-203145.jpg Save On Meats pop-up restaurant in Gastown.

20131002-203402.jpg They had one kind of beer. We’ll take two?

20131002-203603.jpg My creation–it’s alive! The things I would do for this sandwich …

20131002-203820.jpg Fun finds from the vintage market.

20131002-203954.jpg Yup, it’s an antler. Also, my cover I got when I left alive.

20131002-204112.jpg My framed photo of Percy from the SAINTS fundraiser. Thanks, Mom and Laura!

20131002-204542.jpg Mushroom and rice bake. I went a little overboard with the cracked pepper, but other than that it was great!

20131002-204740.jpg When I have kids I’ll tell them, “If you take too many selfies while making funny faces, your face will stay that way.” Yep, this is my face now.

2 thoughts on “On surviving the winter blues. Plus, a few photos from last weekend.

  1. I was thinking of you the other day when it was pouring buckets. Argh! These are good tips for a new mom stuck at home too.
    I’ll text you next time it sucks outside. 🙂

  2. Time you reached out to this family member who loves you very much. Glad to hear you had lunch with your dad. We’re back from Vegas. We don’t text!! The only thing GOG won in Vegas was a cold!! As “Frank” used to sing …..”it’s very nice to go travellin’, but it’s so much nicer, yes it’s so much nicer to come home…..”.
    Love my home! Love you. xoxo

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