Ten Things Thursday: things that taste better the next day

Is it really Thursday again? I’m becoming one of those people who asks herself, “Where does the time go?” And I don’t even have children to, like, consume all my time with their inherent neediness. Ughh, you need to be fed again?! Can’t you just, like, make yourself a baby protein shake or something?

Anywayyyyyy … Last week I promised you a weekly list of random crap that I feel is important enough to share. After this week’s post you might seriously be wondering what my threshold is to consider something “important enough” (hint: it’s really low).

So on that note, here is a list of 10 foods that taste better the next day.

foods that are better the next day
1. Indian food. It’s spicier and you only have to buy it once, so it’s almost like FREE Indian food!

2. Macaroni and cheese–the homemade kind–cut into thick slices and fried until crispy on the outside. (This genius idea, I thank my mom for.)

3. Pizza. Because eating a cold piece of pizza the next day for breakfast is so satisfying and shameful at the same time.

4. Turkey. Who even really likes turkey on actual thanksgiving? It’s kind of lame. But then you pile that dark meet on one of those chewy white rolls with some stuffing and cranberry sauce–mayyyybe even some gravy–and mmmmmmm, get in my mouth now.

5. Any kind of meat. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who eats cold meat straight out of the fridge the next morning. I’m not pregnant, I swear.

6. Chili and soup. In cookspeak, letting these dishes sit overnight allows the flavours to marry. Although, personally, I think they skip the nuptials and just do it all night.

7. Chips. Along the same lines as pizza, few things make a more shamefully satisfying breakfast than handfuls of sour cream and onion chips hastily shoved into your mouth, because if even the dog sees you like this you might just cry.

8. Chinese food. I don’t even like Chinese food. But give me some leftover Chinese and I will literally cut anyone who tries to take it from me.

9. Sushi. Wait, scratch that, sushi is the WORST the next day. Crunchy rice and brown avocado and so much fishiness all up in my mouth. Gross.

10. Literally any leftovers my mom sends me home with. Because cooking for one sucks, and I have other important shit to do, like rate my co-workers on a scale of attractiveness and entertainment value.

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