Long weekend photo smorgasbord

Long weekends are the bomb. Enough said.

Wanna creep my life?

20130902-185757.jpgBeing touristy at Olympic Village before the Food Cart Fest.

20130902-190030.jpg I think it was aloe juice, coconut water, spinach, pineapple, mint, and other green stuff. It was, err, healthy. (It was actually pretty tasty, although not everyone was a fan.)

20130902-190137.jpgSpicy peppers from Vij’s food cart.

20130902-190235.jpg I love this girl.

20130902-190338.jpgFresh young coconut. How can something so simple be so goddamn delicious?

20130902-190432.jpgHamming it up for the camera.

20130902-190558.jpg Gourmet popsicles: banana cream pie, blueberry mojito, and raspberry-lime.

20130902-190847.jpgFeatured exhibit at the vag. (That’s the Vancouver Art Gallery, you pervs.)

20130902-190932.jpgSuitcases galore.

20130902-191553.jpgMy next tattoo? I kid, I kid.


20130902-191753.jpgCan someone say, “Oh my god, this is going to make a sweet profile pic”?

20130902-191935.jpgIt took so much willpower not to sit on this chair. Like, how comfy/throne-like does that look?

20130902-192025.jpgHey, whose feet are those?

20130902-192150.jpg We’re gross.

5 thoughts on “Long weekend photo smorgasbord

  1. What a wonderfully fun weekend you must have had! Good for you. Nothing like being young. fit and beautiful! Love you. Oh, just LOVE that pic at Olympic Village before the food fest. Whose idea was that? Great shot! Love Mama Bett xoxo

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